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We Are The Voice Of the Consumer!

We recruit focus groups and usability studies.  Our database represents all ages, socio-economic groups and other demographic types enabling us to create representative  samples and access hard-to-reach groups, both consumer and professional.

We help you reach your target audience.
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We strive to find people who are fresh and engaged, not serial respondents

Our Methodology

Lone Star Market Research has experience in a profusion of qualitative research methods. To name a few:

  • Focus Groups (including: Mini-Groups, Triads, Diads, etc.)
  • Mock Trials / Political Issue studies
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Webex Interviews
  • Telephone Depths
  • Home Usability
  • Ethnographies
  • Shop-, Drive- and Walk-Alongs
  • Custom Hybrid Research studies

We could go on… but we’re confident you get the point. As a client, you can expect a highly trained and highly responsive project manager; open and accurate communication (including daily updates on the project’s progress); and an average respondent rate over 95%. We commit to exceeding your expectations with each and every project we work on together. please call us to discuss.

Nationwide demographics and extensive data of your target audience
Chances are: If you can think of it, we can recruit it!

Most research companies realize quickly that the quality of information obtained by a study is directly impacted by the caliber and engagement level of respondents who participate. Finding the best participants and communicating expectations is similar to a game of “telephone”; Agency to recruiter…and recruiter to respondent. It’s this communication line that transcends the relationship between recruiter and research agency beyond that of a simple client-vendor transaction. It morphs to a a strategic partnership…a relationship of trust and dependence that flows in both directions. Whether you need focus groups, IDIs, teledepths, mobile app research, video diaries, bulletin board forums, online questionnaires or any other technique, let us show you how to get the most from your research dollar.  Our collaborative approach will lead to exploring new ground, discovering fresh insights, and identifying the Big Ideas. Lone Star Market Research has its own database of research respondents and we employ a variety of methods to find study fresh participants that meet specific user profiles