Austin TX-It’s A Destination!

Austin is a great city to conduct research. 158 people are moving here every day. With 24.11 million visitors every year, Austin is considered the Live Music Capital of the World, and there is something here for everyone!

Catch The Bluebonnets Live!

Just a few quick stats…
Austin is the capital of Texas and the 11th largest city in the United States, and the 3rd largest state capital. The population of Austin in 2016 is estimated at 931,830.

The median income for an Austin household in 2016 was $55,216 and the median income for a family was $73,800.

The Racial Composition of Austin is:

  • Anglo (Non-Hispanic White): 47.1%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 35.1%
  • African American: 8.1%
  • Asian: 6.3%
  • Other: 3.4%

The Age Composition of Austin is:

Under 19     26.48%
20 to 24       12.63%
25 to 34       21.12%
35 to 44       15.97%
45 to 54       11.55%
55 to 59       3.27%
60 to 64       2.29%
65 to 74       3.5%
75 to 84       2.3%
85 years      0.89%

Median Age   29     |     Male   51.41%     |     Female   48.59%

 Take a look at just a few of the things Austin has going on…

Austin City Limits, or ACL, is one of the biggest and most popular arts and music festivals in the country. From local bands and artists to international acts and performers, ACL is a legendary staple of Austin culture. Get you tickets now!

Formula One racing is a sport loved by millions worldwide, and Austin is proud to host some of these intense races and heart-pounding action. Get to the track and feed your need for speed!

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a massive multi-day art celebration that’s been booming since its inception, and every year it showcases some of the best music Texas has to offer alongside acts from all over the globe. Head  to SXSW and get your jam on!


The Famous Congress Bridge Bat Colony

From March to October, 1.5 million bats emerge nightly from narrow crevices in the underside of the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. They usually start to emerge from the bridge around 20 minutes before sundown.